AUG 5–15

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Kandy, (De­pend­ing on the full moon Poya Day), sri lanKa KANDY ESALA PERAHERA

Be­lieved to be a fu­sion of two pa­rades, Esala and Dal­ada, Esala Perahera likely dates back to AD 4 when the sa­cred relic of the tooth of Bud­dha was taken from In­dia to Sri Lanka. The grand pro­ces­sion is a rit­ual per­formed to be­seech the gods to pro­vide rain as well as to hon­our the tooth relic.

The cus­tom­ary plant­ing of a sanc­ti­fied young jack­fruit tree pre­cedes a se­ries of five pro­ces­sions that in­volve car­ry­ing the tooth relic amidst the crack­ing of whips, ca­parisoned ele­phants and tra­di­tional mu­sic and dance.

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