Amur Leopard

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The Amur leopard ( Pan­thera par­dus ori­en­talis) knows no bound­aries, and has been found cross­ing be­tween China, Rus­sia, and North Korea. It has the char­ac­ter­is­tics of most leop­ards with its ten­dency to thrive in soli­tude and its abil­ity to run at high speeds. How­ever, what sets the Amur leopard apart is its adap­ta­tion to the cold win­ters of the re­gion. To­day, there are only about 84 of these an­i­mals re­main­ing in the wild, but with the hope its once crit­i­cally en­dan­gered cousin – the Amur tiger – has given us, the Amur leopard pop­u­la­tion may still stand a chance of re­cov­ery.

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