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Rolex Testimonee Sylvia Earle, Pioneer of Ocean Exploratio­n


Internatio­nally renowned marine biologist and Rolex Testimonee Sylvia Earle has been a pioneer of ocean exploratio­n for more than four decades. Her life’s mission is to explore, study and protect the planet’s oceans. Now, with her initiative, Mission Blue, she is igniting public support to safeguard marine “Hope Spots” – areas of the oceans designated as being vital to the preservati­on of species, from the range of diversity a particular site displays or its significan­ce as a home to endemic, rare or endangered species, or places where local communitie­s rely on a healthy marine environmen­t for their survival. With the support of Rolex since 2014, the number of “Hope Spots” has increased from 50 to 112 over the past five years. Earle aims to protect 30 percent of the world’s oceans by 2030. Currently, 8 percent of the oceans are protected.

Earle believes that this is the moment. “Should we not, therefore, feel our power?” she asks. “The superpower of knowledge and the capacity we have while we still have time. We can be the pivotal people in all of history. We couldn’t know before what we now know and will never again have a chance as good as the present time to move in the right direction, toward making peace with Nature and finding a place for ourselves within the natural world that keeps us alive.”

Her greatest hope is that mankind will make peace with Nature and find peace among ourselves. “We are the most privileged human beings ever to be around because we have gained knowledge that we could have never dreamed of achieving. This is the last chance we have to get it right.”

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