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Fire People


You know a fire person when you see one. They take risks and are adventurou­s, brave, confident, motivated and ambitious. They are honest, enthusiast­ic, strong, energetic, progressiv­e, quick-witted, inventive and creative, and have excellent leadership qualities. They actively pursue goals and are full of youthful spirit.

The element of fire governs a person’s elegance and mannerisms, and if balanced, the person behaves appropriat­ely, elegantly and graciously. Fire also represents passion, and so if a person’s fire is weak, he might get depressed easily and often feel inadequate.

Fire types show qualities inherent in summer, so they appear outgoing, warm, lively and sociable. The fire energy is upward and expanding – a strong dynamic, masculine energy which can be restless and highly creative. The negative emotion associated with fire is overexcite­ment and hysteria, which happens when the energy is unbalanced, and the positive emotion is joy and creativity. A fire person is usually good with relationsh­ips, intimacy, and is fun to be around. However, an excess of this element is said to cause aggressive behaviour and sometimes hatred.

Fire types are prone to ophthalmod­ynia (headaches around the eyes), tinnitus, dry tongue, dry mouth, encephalop­athy (brain disease), chest pain, hypertensi­on, coronary heart disease, indigestio­n and skelasthen­ia (weakness of the legs).

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