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Famous uses of Copper



Much of the copper used in Mesopotami­a was used to create “foundation figures”. These figures were cast in copper and placed beneath the foundation of a building (often a temple), and were never meant to be found; they were only intended for the Gods. The most well-known figure excavated from this time is the “Foundation Figure of King Ur-nammu” (ca. 2112–2004 BCE).


Mining copper from Sinai, the Egyptians used the to make agricultur­al tools such as sickles and hoes, as well as cookware, dishes, saws, chisels and knives. Additional­ly, known for their fondness for personal beautifica­tion, they made mirrors and razors from copper


In India, copper was often used in the making of tools and weapons, as well as in the creation of religious statues, with the most well-known being a copper statue of Buddha found in Sultanganj in the district of Bhagalpur in Bihar. It is 2.3 metres tall, a metre wide and weighs over half a tonne.

 ??  ?? Copper figure of King Ur-namma
Copper figure of King Ur-namma
 ?? Copper alloy hand mirror ??
Copper alloy hand mirror
 ?? Copper statue of Buddha ??
Copper statue of Buddha

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