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Travelling from the Queen’s Tower along the southern coastline, the famous Hanuman Footprint can be found at a village called Sarapiddi, roughly halfway between the tower and the fort. A settlement area with widely dispersed inhabited houses, Sarappidi is known for the fascinatin­g coral walls surroundin­g private properties. The Hanuman Footprint, or “Giant’s Footprint”, said to have been left by a man who was about 13 metres tall, is set into a stone surface. Local Hindus believe that the footprint belongs to the monkey-faced Hindu god, who was the helper of the deity Rama. On one of Hanuman’s many trips to Sri Lanka, so the legend goes, he stopped on Delft Island and left the giant footprint behind with his jump back towards India.


Standing seven metres tall, the Queen’s Tower was once used as a navigation point or possibly a lighthouse ABOVE The giant footprint that local Hindus attribute to the monkey-faced hero of the Ramayana

ABOVE Wild horse sanctuary in Delft Island

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