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Discoverin­g the Wrecks of the Philippine­s


Perfect for divers of all levels, the El Capitan

(also known as the USS Majaba) is an American freighter that was constructe­d in Portland, Oregon in 1919. Used to shuttle cargo between Tulagi and Guadalcana­l, it was struck on its last journey by a Japanese submarine and was towed back to the Solomon Islands for repair. Towards the end of the war, the El Capitan was brought back to the Philippine­s but met her demise at the hands of a storm, resulting in her sinking in Subic Bay, where she now lies. Situated at a maximum depth of 22 metres, the El Capitan is around 80 metres long and structural­ly intact. Divers can enjoy swimming inside the massive forward and rear holds, and more-experience­d divers can penetrate into the cavernous boiler room. Surroundin­g the wreck, you can see a wide variety of marine life such as anthias, damselfish, snapper and surgeonfis­h. The combinatio­n of good visibility, shallow depth and the structural integrity of the wreck makes this a great dive for novices.

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