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I would like to add to Roger Crab­tree’s thoughts on pos­si­ble dis­cus­sion top­ics for the Climate Ac­tion Sum­mit pro­posed by the coun­cil for early 2019 (Let­ters, 30/11).

There are some top­ics here that are go­ing to be very hard for us to even talk about, let alone reach con­sen­sus or even com­pro­mise on.

We are too many, with­out a doubt, and the cul­ture we have cre­ated has led us to the point where we are about to de­stroy the only planet we know that can sup­port life as we know it — for what? We have cre­ated a vo­ra­cious economy that re­quires growth, debt, need, greed and con­sump­tion to ex­ist. It is now eat­ing the planet. I hope there will be space at the sum­mit for some deep con­sid­er­a­tion of what we do re­ally need — what we value.

None of us, even if un­de­cided about whether climate change is part of a cy­cle, man-made, or a com­bi­na­tion of both, can ar­gue with the hor­rific facts of dis­tinc­tion.

None of us can deny the hor­rific facts of wars, poverty, dis­pos­ses­sion/ refugees, de­pres­sion, ter­ror­ism, oceans full of plas­tic, home­less­ness, tox­ins in ev­ery­thing, lone­li­ness, deforestation, salt­ing of soils, moun­tains of waste, con­structed ug­li­ness or over­crowd­ing.

As Roger says, our dis­cus­sions do in­deed need to be more wide­spread and we do need to rad­i­cally change our be­hav­iour.

Even be­fore that, how­ever, I be­lieve we need to rad­i­cally chal­lenge the sto­ries we have been told about how the world works, who we are and what is real. Peta Good­win, Mar­garet River

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