Multi-sen­sor trans­verse qual­ity scan­ner for planed or rough lum­ber grad­ing, in green, dry or planer mills

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THE GOLDENEYE 900 Multi-Sen­sor Qual­ity Scan­ner in trans­ver­sal trans­port fea­tures color cam­eras, laser scat­ter­ing, grain de­vi­a­tion and 3D dimension scan­ning in trans­ver­sal feed­ing. The Goldeneye 900 se­ries pro­vides – de­pend­ing on the sup­plied mo­du­lar multi sen­sor chan­nels – full 3D pro­file lum­ber scan­ning, light/shadow im­age pro­cess­ing, full HD color im­age pro­cess­ing, po­lar­iz­ing scat­ter pro­cess­ing. The ap­pli­ca­tion fields of this re­li­able scan­ner can be both for planed and rough lum­ber grad­ing and can be in­te­grated for the op­ti­miza­tion process of a trim­ming & sort­ing line of green, dry or planer mills.

Goldeneye 900 Multi-Sen­sor Trans­verse Qual­ity Scan­ner iden­ti­fies wood de­fects in a re­li­able and ob­jec­tive way from all four sides at the same time with no need to turn boards. Value op­ti­miza­tion be­fore kiln dry­ing, be­fore sec­ondary wood pro­cess­ing or fur­ther man­u­fac­tur­ing is pos­si­ble since Goldeneye 900 grades planed as well as rough lum­ber. The scan­ner de­tects and lo­cal­izes all types of knots as well as cracks, dis­col­oration, pitch pock­ets, wanes, cur­va­ture and other di­men­sional de­fects. This al­lows cus­tomers to au­to­mate, stream­line and op­ti­mize all fur­ther pro­duc­tion steps.

The value op­ti­miza­tion soft­ware im­ple­ments cus­tomer spe­cific grad­ing, trim­ming and sort­ing rules.

“The Goldeneye 900 re­duces costs in plan­ning, in­stalling, com­mis­sion­ing and ser­vic­ing. Our op­ti­miza­tion boosts both re­cov­ery and value, in trans­ver­sal green and dry sort­ing lines. Pa­ram­e­ters and grad­ing rules can be re­fined to­gether with our en­gi­neer­ing teams in or­der to get the most out of your pro­duc­tion,” says Mi­crotec CEO, Fed­erico Gi­u­dice­an­drea.

Goldeneye 900 pro­vides ac­cu­rate 3D re­con­struc­tion as well as pre­ci­sion and re­li­a­bil­ity in de­ter­min­ing qual­ity of the sur­face of green and dry boards in trans­ver­sal trans­port. The seam­less in­te­gra­tion of color and laser scan­ners into one multi-sen­sor sys­tem de­liv­ers a gap­less view on the sur­face of lum­ber.

The op­ti­miza­tion soft­ware en­ables in­di­vid­ual man­age­ment of real and vir­tual op­ti­miza­tion pa­ram­e­ters for peak re­cov­ery. The eval­u­a­tion of the gath­ered in­for­ma­tion is made by Mi­crotec’s renowned pow­er­ful al­go­rithms in or­der to max­i­mize re­cov­ery of fur­ther pro­duc­tion pro­cesses.

3D dimension scan­ning, laser scat­ter­ing, color and strength grad­ing.

Heated, her­metic and dust-free alu­minum hous­ing.

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