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Dis­tin­guished ar­chi­tect Richard Fran­cisJones is set to treat del­e­gates to the in­sights he gained work­ing on ‘the tower of wood’, Sydney’s 37-floor EY Cen­tre, at the Aus­tralian Smart Sky­scrapers Sum­mit. Mr Fran­cis-Jones, De­sign Di­rec­tor and nom­i­nated ar­chi­tect of Fran­cis-Jones More­hen Thorp (fjmt), has de­signed a num­ber of highly-awarded build­ings. No­tably, the EY Cen­tre was awarded the 2017 Harry Sei­dler Award for the most out­stand­ing com­mer­cial ar­chi­tec­ture in Aus­tralia. The Aus­tralian Smart Sky­scrapers Sum­mit will weave through its agenda the nexus be­tween sus­tain­able high-rise de­sign and el­e­ments that serve to im­prove the well­be­ing of ten­ants. These themes are solidly rep­re­sented within the EY Cen­tre. Re­spon­sive wooden lou­vres are em­bed­ded within the cen­tre’s triple-glazed façade that re­sponds to the po­si­tion­ing of the sun, the de­sign al­lows au­to­mated heat load and sky glare con­trol. In­side, open spa­ces en­cour­age so­cia­ble and pro­duc­tive work en­vi­ron­ments. From its in­te­rior to its ex­te­rior, the EY cen­tre em­bod­ies warmth, sus­tain­abil­ity, and re­spon­sive­ness; qual­i­ties that to­gether and sep­a­rately aid in the cre­ation and life-span of an op­ti­mal high-rise build­ing. Tim­ber’s sus­tain­able prop­er­ties are fairly well known – the EY Cen­tre ev­i­dently has the ma­te­rial to thank for a great deal of its eco-friend­li­ness. At the Aus­tralian Smart Sky­scrapers Sum­mit, to be held on 2627 June in Sydney, Mr. Fran­cis-Jones will out­line how the use of tim­ber within the EY Cen­tre helped trans­form the build­ing not only into an en­ergy-ef­fi­cient struc­ture, but one that is also re­spon­sive to its hu­man oc­cu­pants. His key­note pre­sen­ta­tion ‘The Hu­man El­e­ment of Tim­ber Tower Build­ings’ will be one of many top­ics cen­tring on sus­tain­able, mood­boost­ing de­sign and con­struc­tion so­lu­tions for high-rise build­ings and sky­scrapers. The con­struc­tion in­dus­try’s grow­ing in­ter­est in tim­ber ma­te­rial within high-rise de­signs rep­re­sents a pow­er­ful force at this year’s Sum­mit with a num­ber of key top­ics sur­round­ing this ma­te­rial, help­ing at­ten­dees to fully grasp its im­pact and the most ad­vanced tech­nolo­gies avail­able to be em­ployed for it. The pre­sen­ta­tions will out­line its abil­ity to act as a counter-mea­sure against the neg­a­tive im­pacts high-rise build­ings can have on our en­vi­ron­ment, while re­veal­ing cur­rent global trends and ad­vance­ments in tim­ber de­sign.

“The use of tim­ber within the EY Cen­tre helped trans­form the build­ing not only into an en­er­gy­ef­fi­cient struc­ture, but one that is also re­spon­sive to its hu­man oc­cu­pants”

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