Plan­ta­tion hard­wood har­vests up 160% in past decade

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TO­TAL HARD­WOOD log har­vest in­creased by 11% to a record high of 13.7 mil­lion cu­bic me­tres in 2015–16, val­ued at al­most $1.1 bil­lion (mill door prices). This growth was driven by in­creases in the vol­ume of plan­ta­tion hard­wood pulplogs har­vested for wood­chip ex­ports (up 18%) and na­tive hard­wood sawlogs (up 10%).

Plan­ta­tion hard­wood logs now com­prise over 71% of to­tal hard­wood logs har­vested in Aus­tralia.

Soft­wood log har­vest also grew strongly in 2015–16, with the vol­ume har­vested in­creas­ing by 9.5% to a record high of 16.3 mil­lion cu­bic me­tres.

Growth in the soft­wood log har­vest was driven pri­mar­ily by in­creases in the vol­ume of pulplogs har­vested for wood­chip ex­ports, do­mes­tic wood-based panel and pa­per and pa­per­board pro­duc­tion.

The vol­ume of soft­wood saw and ve­neer logs har­vested also in­creased by 4.6% to over 10 mil­lion cu­bic me­tres in 2015–16. The value of soft­wood logs har­vested reached a new record, in­creas­ing by 12% to $1.2 bil­lion in 2015–16.

Na­tive for­est log har­vest in­creased slightly in the 2015–16 fi­nan­cial year but over the past decade the vol­ume of na­tive hard­wood logs har­vested in Aus­tralia has more than halved, from 8.6 mil­lion cu­bic me­tres in 2005–06 to 4.0 mil­lion cu­bic me­tres in 2015–16. The ma­jor­ity of this de­cline oc­curred in Tas­ma­nia, with more mod­est de­clines in New South Wales and Vic­to­ria (Fig­ure 1).

In con­trast to the mod­est de­cline in the har­vest of na­tive hard­wood logs, har­vests of plan­ta­tion hard­wood in­creased strongly over the past decade, in­creas­ing by al­most 160% to 9.8 mil­lion cu­bic me­tres in 2015– 16. Growth in plan­ta­tion hard­wood log vol­umes was strong­est and most con­sis­tent in Vic­to­ria, South Aus­tralia and Western Aus­tralia over this pe­riod. Tas­ma­nia ex­pe­ri­enced the strong­est year on year growth in hard­wood plan­ta­tion har­vest for 2015– 16 up 57% to 2.0 mil­lion cu­bic me­tres.

The soft­wood log har­vest in Aus­tralia has fluc­tu­ated over the past decade, largely in re­sponse to changes in hous­ing con­struc­tion. Over­all soft­wood log har­vest has in­creased by 14% to 16.3 mil­lion cu­bic me­tres over the decade to 2015–16, with strong growth in South Aus­tralia, New South Wales and Queens­land more than off­set­ting small de­clines in Vic­to­ria, Tas­ma­nia and Western Aus­tralia.

In 2015–16 the largest in­crease in soft­wood log har­vest vol­umes oc­curred in Queens­land, up by 48%; South Aus­tralia also recorded an in­crease of 12% over the same pe­riod.

■ Fig­ure 1 (above) Log har­vest by state, 2005–06 to 2015–16

■ Fig­ure 2 (right)Vol­ume and value of logs har­vested, 2005–06 to 2015–16

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