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The mas­sive in­feed widths on the Model 2680XP and 3680XP also mean th­ese ma­chines can han­dle the largest, widest trees pos­si­ble.

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Match­ing the pro­duc­tiv­ity of The Beast® hor­i­zon­tal grinder with the raw chip­ping power of a Ban­dit whole tree chip­per is as easy as the op­tional whole tree chip­per drum for The Beast.

Af­ter the ini­tial in­stal­la­tion or retro­fit, it’s a rel­a­tively straight­for­ward swap – switch out the stan­dard cut­ter­mill on The Beast with a cus­tom 5/10-knife, 4/8-knife or 20-knife drum, and add a spe­cially de­signed sta­tion­ary anvil spacer to the in­feed. (The 5/10 knife drum is a 10-knife drum, but it can be run with half the knife pock­ets blocked off. The same goes for the 4/8 knife drum, and the 20-knife drum.) With a setup like that, there’s no need to trade pro­duc­tion for chip qual­ity. But to un­der­stand why The Beast with a chip­ping drum is such an el­e­gant so­lu­tion, you have to un­der­stand what makes Ban­dit’s hor­i­zon­tal grinders stand out among the crowd.

It starts with the patented cut­ter­mill.

Ban­dit has en­gi­neered The Beast to have a down­turn­ing cut­ter­mill, where most other hor­i­zon­tal grinders turn up­ward. This setup al­lows The Beast to cut against a one-piece in­feed chain, which serves as a mov­ing anvil – a tremen­dous ad­van­tage over the com­pe­ti­tion. When run­ning with a chip­per drum, The Beast cuts against a re­place­able sta­tion­ary anvil in­sert that sits at the end of the in­feed, rather than the in­feed chain. This setup en­sures a higher qual­ity chip. This helps pre­vent ma­te­rial from turn­ing or rolling, which re­sults in a bet­ter qual­ity chip. The down­ward cut­ting ac­tion also is more ag­gres­sive than up-turn­ing cut­ting sys­tems, al­low­ing the en­tire feed sys­tem to pro­vide bet­ter con­trol of the ma­te­rial as it’s be­ing fed into the chip­per.

Ban­dit’s one-piece in­feed chain also plays an im­por­tant role in en­sur­ing a higher chip qual­ity. It does so by con­stantly ad­vanc­ing ma­te­rial into the feed wheel yoke and into the chip­ping drum. The heavy-duty con­struc­tion on the in­feed chain has proven to be far more ef­fec­tive and more re­li­able than the chains in other grinders, while help­ing to de­liver a su­pe­rior end prod­uct.

A six-speed feed sys­tem slows the op­er­a­tor to match the con­veyor speed to the size of the ma­te­rial de­sired. This keeps ma­te­rial from push­ing against the chip­ping drum, caus­ing a brak­ing ac­tion that can rob horse­power and fuel econ­omy. And it also pre­vents ma­te­rial from not reach­ing the drum fast enough, which can cre­ate splin­ters and fines. The sixspeed sys­tem can be fur­ther fine-tuned so you can cre­ate the right-sized ma­te­rial on the first pass.

The mas­sive in­feed widths on the Model 2680XP and 3680XP also mean th­ese ma­chines can han­dle the largest, widest trees pos­si­ble. The 60-inch wide in­feed al­lows for ma­te­rial to be spread out evenly along the in­feed chain, giv­ing logs, chunk wood, stumps, and even re­grind mulch plenty of room.

And all of the ben­e­fits of Ban­dit’s down­turn mill still ap­ply with a chip­ping drum. It’s easy to see why The Beast can be your best whole tree chip­per. But you can process more than just wood prod­ucts. The chip­ping drum op­tion can of­fer a huge ad­van­tage when pro­cess­ing plas­tic ma­te­ri­als, like heavy walled plas­tic pipe.

Of­ten out­fit­ted with the 20-knife op­tion, chip­ping hard walled plas­tic pipe cre­ates uni­form and per­fectly sized plas­tic chips that are ex­actly what plas­tic re­cy­clers are look­ing for.

The 4/8 and the 5/10 knife drum, depend­ing on if all the knives are uti­lized or if half of them are blocked off, can pro­duce a 2” maxi chip for biomass boil­ers, a ¾” stan­dard chip. A 20-knife drum can pro­duce a ¼” to 3/8” mi­crochip when all the knives are uti­lized. Block­ing off half the knife pock­ets can pro­duce a stan­dard ¾” to 1” chip.

But per­haps the great­est ad­van­tage a chip­ping knife op­tion The Beast is you’re not stuck with mill. You can swap your chip­ping drum back to the tra­di­tional cut­ter­mill, and en­joy the ad­van­tages of nearly limitless tooth and raker op­tions, giv­ing op­er­a­tors that abil­ity to pick and choose the cor­rect hard­ware to process nearly any­thing from chunk wood down to branches and log­ging slash.

The Beast can change with the times – pro­vid­ing a prod­uct to meet the de­mands of the al­wayschang­ing mar­kets. And no mat­ter how long The Beast has been in ser­vice, Ban­dit will stand by its prod­uct with free ex­pert sup­port only a phone call away. Ban­dit of­fers this ser­vice through the Ban­dit Back­bone pro­gram.

■ Ban­dit's Beast in ac­tion.

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