IN­LAND TAIPAN Oxyu­ranus mi­crolepi­do­tus

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An LD of 0.025 makes this the world’s 50 most ven­omous snake. Its venom con­tains nerve-dam­ag­ing neu­ro­tox­ins, my­otox­ins that tar­get mus­cle tis­sue and pro­co­ag­u­lants that lead to ex­ces­sive bleed­ing. An av­er­age bite yields 44mg of venom, which could kill 25–30 peo­ple. Symp­toms range from headaches and nau­sea to paral­y­sis, typ­i­cally lead­ing to death within 45 min­utes. For­tu­nately, this snake lives in the arid in­te­rior, and so peo­ple rarely en­counter it. No hu­man deaths have been at­trib­uted to it and an­tivenom is avail­able.

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