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Turn­ing swords into ploughshares is never easy but the task fac­ing the world in Novem­ber 1918 ap­peared in­sur­mount­able. Af­ter four long years of war­fare, much of Europe lay in ru­ins, with many of its ci­ti­zens dis­pos­sessed. Aus­tralia had also suf­fered greatly and was ea­ger to bring its sons and daugh­ters home. Ahead lay a long, painful re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion to civil­ian life that would also take its toll. The vic­to­ri­ous al­lies were keen to ex­act re­venge, which would in­ad­ver­tently sow the seeds of an even more de­struc­tive con­flict just 20 years later.Who could have known that the phrase “the war to end all wars”, so full of prom­ise at the time, would ring hol­low af­ter just a gen­er­a­tion?

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