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A bird you’re more likely to hear than see, the east­ern koel is a large mi­gra­tory cuckoo that ar­rives along Aus­tralia’s north­ern and east­ern se­aboard (as far south as Syd­ney, if not fur­ther) from New Guinea and In­done­sia in sum­mer. Males have glossy black, iri­des­cent plumage and strik­ing red eyes. Lis­ten for their in­ces­sant ‘kooo-el’ call as they feed on fruit in for­est canopies. It may be the spread of or­na­men­tal fruit trees, in­clud­ing figs, in cities such as Bris­bane that has led to an in­crease in num­bers. More info: back­yard bud­dies.org.au/fact-sheets/ east­ern-koel

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