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1 A World of En­vi­ron­ments

Come on a voy­age like no other through our planet’s most amaz­ing habi­tats. See how liv­ing things adapt to their en­vi­ron­ments, from the light­less world of the ocean abyss to the re­lent­less heat of the Sa­hara Desert.

AGR314 2 Aus­tralia’s Amaz­ing Whales and Dol­phins

Dive with us into the un­der­wa­ter world of Aus­tralia’s 45 species of whales and dol­phins. In­cludes stun­ning il­lus­tra­tions and pho­to­graphs from the Aus­tralian Geo­graphic li­brary.

AGR315 3 When the Whales Walked

An exquisitely il­lus­trated book ex­plor­ing some of the most ex­cit­ing and in­cred­i­ble events in evo­lu­tion. Dis­cover how whales once walked, croc­o­diles were once warm-blooded and how rhi­nos once ruled!

AGR297 We Build Our 4 Homes

A beau­ti­fully il­lus­trated pic­ture book look­ing at the most in­cred­i­ble struc­tures built by an­i­mals, and the rea­sons why they build them. Each spread looks at a dif­fer­ent an­i­mal, told as though from their viewpoint.

AGR296 5 Stuff You Should Know About Planet Earth

A fas­ci­nat­ing in­tro­duc­tion to our planet’s work­ings, from the wa­ter cy­cle and the at­mos­phere to how sea­sons change and why hur­ri­canes hap­pen.

AGR300 6 Why Kan­ga­roos Have Pock­ets AGR316

7 Why Pen­guins Don’t Get Cold AGR267

8 Un­likely Friend­ships in Na­ture AGR243

These beau­ti­ful titles demon­strate the vast and won­der­ful di­ver­sity that ex­ists in the an­i­mal king­dom, as well as il­lus­trat­ing im­por­tant con­cepts about an­i­mals’ abil­i­ties and how they adapt so well to their dif­fer­ent en­vi­ron­ments.

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