Australian Geographic : 2019-01-03

Expedition Diary : 132 : 132

Expedition Diary

Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, Everest, 1953 Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer James Cameron, Explorer Under The Pole expeditions Trieste, 1960 David Doubilet, Photographer ROLEX EMBARKS ON A NEW MISSION WITH NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. For almost a centur y, Rolex watches have travelled alongside the world’s most renowned pioneers and explorers, from the Earth’s highest peaks to the deepest parts of the oceans. Rolex has embarked on many of these expeditions with National Geographic, their partner since 1954. Now Rolex and National Geographic are expanding their mission with a renewed sense of urgency. To advance human knowledge. Inspire the next generation. And raise awareness of the need to protect the planet. Together, Rolex and National Geographic are more dedicated than ever to the oceans, mountains and poles, by supporting explorers who are making a real difference to the Earth’s future.

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