The spir­i­tual singer-song­writer re­turns with his first solo al­bum in six years, and plenty of beau­ti­fully recorded gui­tar tones.

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It’s been quite a while be­tween solo LPs for Aussie singer-song­writer and multi-in­stru­men­tal­ist Xavier Rudd. It’s not like he’s been in­ac­tive, though: 2012’s Spir­itBird kept him busy for a while, and in 2015 he re­leased the al­bum Nanna with The United Na­tions. But now, the time is right for more Xavier Rudd mu­sic in the form of his sev­enth full-length solo re­lease, Stor­mBoy.

“I’m lit­er­ally just singing about the things that are go­ing on around me,” Rudd says. En­vi­ron­men­tal work, ac­tivism, ve­g­an­ism, spir­i­tu­al­ism, surfing, camp­ing trips in the bush and hang­ing with his fam­ily on the beach; ev­ery­thing Rudd does, he pours into song­writ­ing. And since re­leas­ing Spirit

Bird, he’s also – awww – fallen in love. “It’s def­i­nitely a theme on [ Stor­mBoy],” he says. “Life feels strong and solid for me now, and this record is in a dif­fer­ent space. It’s a solid space. I feel like I’ve come to the end of that chapter where I’ve learned a bunch of lessons and I’ve been shown a bunch of things spir­i­tu­ally.”

So what have you been up to since we last had a chance to speak?

I guess it’s like a jour­nal of chap­ters in my life. This last five or six years has not been un­like other chap­ters in that it’s been su­per event­ful in lots of ways. I’ve learned lots of things, and in a way, I’ve come full cir­cle with some per­sonal things. And this al­bum tracks a bit of that. I got mar­ried to my amaz­ing part­ner; she’s brought a lot of love and excitement into my world, so there’s a bit of that on the al­bum. I’ve been tour­ing around the world and con­nect­ing with a lot of amaz­ing play­ers, so there’s a lot of that on the al­bum as w ell. But there are also songs that I wrote ten years ago, that ei­ther weren’t re­ally ready be­fore or I didn’t feel like it was their time.

Do you feel that the record with The United Na­tions fed into this one in a way?

They’re sep­a­rate projects, re­ally. I had some of this stuf f on the burner be­fore I started work­ing on that project – as well as dur­ing and af­ter – but they’re re­ally sep­a­rate. The United Na­tions stuff, I wrote that specif­i­cally for that project and it was an amaz­ing project with an amaz­ing group of peo­ple. We toured the world, and to ac­tu­ally do that as a band with

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