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In ad­di­tion to hav­ing a great core sound and de­sign, the Sher­iff is loaded with many sen­si­ble fea­tures that re­ally help to jus­tify the high ask­ing price (in Aus­tralia, you'll be look­ing at a num­ber close to $700).

A TRS jack gives the player the op­tion of switch­ing the pedal re­motely. Both on/off and channels One and Two are con­trol­lable ei­ther via a two-but­ton latch­ing footswitch, or pro­gram­mable switch­ing unit. It’s a sim­ple ex­tra, but it gives you full con­trol over the unit re­gard­less of where you de­cide to place it.

While this fea­ture means it’s pos­si­ble to se­cure the Sher­iff out of harm’s way, it’s also worth men­tion­ing that these del­i­cate valves are housed very stur­dily. The solid steel chas­sis feels bul­let­proof, and you can feel that same sense of re­li­a­bil­ity and tough­ness when hit­ting a footswitch or turn­ing a pot.

The EQ stage of amp con­trols the req­ui­site bass, mid and tre­ble bands. The EQ func­tions in the style of a valve amp, af­fect­ing the dis­tor­tion char­ac­ter and sat­u­ra­tion of your tone along with the fre­quency.

There’s a three-way Bright switch, a global tone con­trol that op­ti­mises the V4 Pedal Preamp for what you’re plug­ging into. As it’s de­signed to be used in a va­ri­ety of ap­pli­ca­tions (amp ef­fects loops, in­puts, record­ing de­vices and so on), this handy switch al­lows you to best at­tune the pedal to its cur­rent in­put. One set­ting should sound ‘best’ per sit­u­a­tion – use your ears to fig­ure out what that will be!

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