8 cre­ative ways to de­clut­ter

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give your­self a time limit each day

Five to ten min­utes should be man­age­able and not put a dent in your day to or­gan­ise one area such as a pantry shelf, or bath­room cup­board. Stick to this rou­tine till you com­plete that par­tic­u­lar part of the room.

al­lo­cate three bags or boxes

The keep box, the throw away box, the do­nate box. Place items into one of th­ese boxes and stick to it. This will help you to or­gan­ise a space eas­ily. You can also get chil­dren to de­clut­ter their own rooms us­ing this tech­nique.

let go of one item per day

Don’t grow at­tached to things. Colleen Mad­sen, an Aussie mum started this con­cept through her blog 365 lessthings.com and has in­spired many to take the same route. You can trash, give away, or sell the item, but in twelve months, you’ll have 365 less items in your pos­ses­sion.


The clothes you don’t wear by re­vers­ing the hangars in your closet. The clothes you most wear will be cor­rectly hung and those that are re­verse hung are ready to be re­cy­cled. Don’t keep items of cloth­ing that have been in your closet for eons await­ing re­pair, or the ones you are hop­ing to get back into by los­ing the weight you’ve been mean­ing to shed for the last 5 years. Pass them along to a new home.

be smart

Don’t start a new de­clut­ter area un­til you’ve fin­ished one. If you open your­self up to sev­eral ar­eas, the task may be in dan­ger of be­ing over­whelm­ing and then it be­comes unattain­able. Use the SMART tech­nique of achiev­ing your goal of de­clut­ter­ing. Spe­cific, Mea­sur­able, At­tain­able, Re­al­is­tic, and Timely.

in­spire your­self

By look­ing at other min­i­mal­ist spa­ces, you’ll be in­spired to make a change. Look through mag­a­zines and blogs to keep your­self on task of reach­ing your goal.

re­ward your­self

No, I don’t mean go and buy your­self a new sofa. Do some­thing for your­self that will con­tinue to make you feel bet­ter about your ac­com­plish­ments. De­clut­ter­ing your home is like de­clut­ter­ing your life and get­ting things off your shoul­ders will em­power you to feel bet­ter about your­self. Have a foot mas­sage, buy some in­cense for your home, or eat out with friends. What­ever you do, re­ward your­self for un­load­ing un­wanted and un­used stuff. Let go of the hoarder in you, and set your­self free.

and fi­nally

and most im­por­tantly, de­clut­ter neg­a­tive peo­ple in your life. Do you re­ally need the neg­a­tiv­ity weigh­ing you down? Un­en­thu­si­as­tic and toxic peo­ple can leave you feel­ing men­tally and phys­i­cally drained. Your en­ergy is sapped and you will be feel­ing more worse for wear by hav­ing them in your life. De­clut­ter friends that do not add pos­i­tiv­ity and mean­ing to your life. Keep the friends that keep you en­er­gised.

Re­mem­ber, stop buy­ing what you don’t need. Al­ways ask your­self; do I RE­ALLY need this in my life? If the an­swer is no, walk away fast!

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