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ShEng Ya a-203gs


The budget-priced Sheng Ya A-203GS 100-watt per channel pure Class-A integrated ampli- fier that has captured the ears and wallets of North American audiophile­s has finally arrived in Australia. It’s distribute­d by Melbourne’s ClassA Audio, which says the model being sold in Australia is an improved version of the one that got all the press in the US last year. The preamplifi­er section uses a high-speed d.c. amplifier module developed in Hong Kong by Sheng Ya, which manufactur­es in China. According to Sheng Ya, this d.c. amplifier module uses audio MKP film capacitors, one per cent precision metal film resistors, and has a wide frequency response, low distortion, and wide dynamic range. ‘ Its performanc­e is superior to the many so-called advanced audio IC and discrete components that are usually used,’ said a company spokesman.

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