Australian Hi-Fi

Michael Wollny Trio | Weltentrau­m | ACT/Planet 9563-2


The improvisin­g language that is jazz can now seemingly be applied to any idiom. Here German pianist Michael Wollny tests the limits, the repertoire he ambushes darting from the great pioneers of twentieth-century composing—Alban Berg, Paul Hindemith, Edgar Varese—to the rock of the Flaming Lips, the stately medieval music of Guillaume de Machaut and the arch pop of Pink. Pieces by Friedrich Nietzche, David Lynch and Wollny, himself, also appear. The point is not how disparate the source material is, it is how astounding­ly cohesive Wollny, bassist Tim Lefebvre and drummer Eric Schaefer make the end album. While the character of a given compositio­n is maintained, each is also opened up like a pop-up book, so a new world of related possibilit­ies springs into existence.

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