Henri Herz

| Pi­ano Con­certo No. 2 | Howard Shel­ley/Tas Sym. Or­ches­tra | Hyperion CDA68100

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This is the third vol­ume from Hyperion de­voted to the pi­ano con­cer­tos of Henri Herz (1803– 1888), who spent his long life tour­ing the world as a highly suc­cess­ful vir­tu­oso pi­anist but was thought by some to be su­per­fi­cial. Robert Schu­mann called him a stenog­ra­pher rather than a com­poser, and wrote his Phan­tasie Satyrique (nach Henri Herz) to poke fun at what he per­ceived as worth­less play­ing. A lot of Herz’s writ­ing for pi­ano is fiendishly dif­fi­cult and highly del­i­cate, more fil­i­gree than barn-storm­ing key­board­bash­ing, re­quir­ing sen­si­tive han­dling. Howard Shel­ley shows all this off very suc­cess­fully in­deed, the light and bright-toned pi­ano mak­ing the rapid, lithe pas­sage­work crys­tal-clear, es­pe­cially heard through the 24-bit down­load. The Tas­ma­nian Sym­phony Or­ches­tra con­trib­utes a lean clear sound in a cred­i­ble con­certhall bal­ance, all cap­tured in fine sound. Bravo!

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