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Rod Eas­down has a the­ory about vinyl. And one about MP3… and one about Diet Coke. You may not agree with those the­o­ries…

C‘I would never have be­lieved a soft-dome tweeter could per­form at such a high level,’ he told me.

GB: Did the D en­gi­neer­sis sooo last straight cen­tury.out of But uni­ver­sity come up with here’sany freshthe thing;ideas for vinyl the is Con­tour?even

RH: Yes, they more did. last They cen­tury. were In adam ant fact it that if we made the goes con es damn of close the cone to be­ing driv­ers the we were us­ing thin­ner, cen­tury we’ d be­fore. get bet­ter So how mid range. come When it’ ssooo our cool? en­gi­neers I have pointed a the­ory. out that if we did this Everyone we’ d lose knows too much why rigid­ity, baby boomer st hey came buy up with turn ta­bles. a fi­nite It’ s el­e­ment be­cause anal­y­sis they’ ve that opened proved a box that if that we has changed been un­der the ex­ist­ing the house shape for of 30 the years cone slightly, and have to found be more Uri ahtr um pet-Heep’ s shaped ,‘ Sal­is­bury’ we’ d on be able vinyl to and reduce have cone thought thick­ness‘ I loved with­out this record’ any loss of and rigid­ity. be­cause This they’ ve also never meant heard we had of Spot ifyt ore-de­sign and couldn’ t all the other run it parts any­way of the they’ ve driv­ers, bought so with the a turn table, ex­cep­tion and of the have tweet­ers, then gone all the back driv­ers to the in the store new again Con­tour for aph on orange pre-are amp, com­pletely then played new: the it at mag­nets, set­ting 11. the And sus­pen­sions, then they the have chas­sis, sat back the with a self-sat­is­fied smirk and made ex­tremely rude ob­ser­va­tions about cur­rent mu­sic.

But all the re­tail­ers say lots of young peo­ple are get­ting into ana­logue too and my the­ory is all about them. They were brought We have just built up on a diet of MP3 and some­time in the a last brand-new,few years have dis­cov­ered that mu­sic can sound far bet­ter than this. Syd­ney dealer three-lev­elLen Wal­lis tells the story re­searchof a man who came into the shop and started au­di­tion­ing and de­vel­op­ment hi-fi equip­ment with the MP3 mu­sic on his fa­cil­i­ty­phone. So the guys veryasked him clo­seif he’d like to to lis­ten to the same mu­sic on CD, and then our ex­ist­ing fac­tory put it on. The man burst into tears be­cause inhe sud­denly Skan­der­bor­gre­alised what he’d been miss­ing all his life. spi­ders... ev­ery­thing ex­cept the ac­tual ma­te­rial used to form the cone, which is the same MSP ma­te­rial My the­ory we’ ve is been that us­ing everyone since un­der the80s ...30 ex­cept who that buy sit’ sat­urn table now thin­ner has had and just has a such dif­fer­ent pro­file. a road-to-We Da­m­as­cus went from mo­ment a thick­ness and their of 0.5 mm down mu­si­cal to one pen­du­lum of 0.4 mm. has rock­eted back from con­ve­nienceGB: So pre­sum­ablyto qual­ity this so worked­fast and for force­ful­lythe midrangethat like driver crazedin the junkies Con­tour they60 and have the sought bass/midrange more driverand more.in the They’veCon­tour em­braced20 and 30, vinyl­but what about seek­ing the the bass ul­ti­mat­edriver in the hit, Con­tourand in 60? most cases they’veRH: Strangely talked them­selves enough, into the fi­nite the be­lief el­e­ment anal­y­sis that they’ ve showed found we it. could im­prove its per­for­mance Can by I tell mak­ing you how the cone sick I thicker, am of­peo-so it went f romp le who be­ing tell 0.5 mm me that thick their right $150 up to turn table a thick­ness of sounds 1.0 mm. bet­ter Form ethan this any­thing, was a per­fect any­thing ex­am­ple of why dig­i­tal? each It driver doesn’ t, must it just be ex­am­ined sounds bet­ter in­di­vid­ual-than lyMP 3. and Records also an ex­am­ple only sound of what bet­ter it’ s than pos­si­ble CDs to do when when they you are make very your good own press­ings driver of units, very as we good have record­ings al­ways done re­pro­duced atDyn au­dio. on very good equip­ment.GB: Of course Un­lessI am and aware un­til that you Dy­nau­dio­have all has al­waysthree of man­u­fac­turedthese things its dig­i­talown driv­ers rules, in OK? Den­mark, but I has speak this from changed ex­pe­ri­encesince the here. com­pa­nyI bought­was pur­chasedmy first by CD Chi­nese player man­u­fac­turerin 1984 and Go­ertek? loved it. Sud­denly There there has was been no sur­face no change noise. RH: in­I­could­pro­duc­tion lis­ten to at a sym­phony all. Al­lDyn au­dio with­out driver the break units are still in the man­u­fac­tured middle when in the Den­mark, record had into our be own fac­tory turned over. in­Skan­der borg, I could pro­gram and all the the crap cab­i­nets tracks also out of in the our playlist. own fac­tory, No sty­lus which brush, is no also in Skan­der­borg.Di sc Washer, no The anti-cab­i­nets static for­mat, our no en­try-fret­ting level about Ex­cite not range re­turn­ing are also a record made toby its sleeve us in our own im­me­di­ately fac­tory, af­ter but in play this or case stor­ing that it fac­tory horiis lo cat ed­zont ally in( in­cor­rect) Latvia. rather than ver­ti­cally (cor­rect).GB: Have All thereI had beento do any was changesslide in at a all disc since Go­ertekand press pur­chased­play. Dynaudio?

I lis­tened to that CD player again a lit­tle while ago—a Sony, it still works beau­ti­fully—and the sound was sharp and harsh, bor­der­ing on abra­sive. CD play­ers have come a long, long way since, and yet back in 1984 the def­i­ni­tion and clar­ity blew me away. I put my vinyl in a box, rapidly de­vel­oped a CD col­lec­tion and lis­tened to noth­ing else. About ten years later I was in­vited to a demon­stra­tion of lo­cally made am­pli­fi­ca­tion equip­ment and the guy put El­ton John’s ‘Yel­low Oh Brick yes, Road’ there through have been it on many vinyl. chang-And RH: es, for all me of the which sur­face are noise, the di­rect all those re­sult clicks of and Go­ertekpops so in­ject­ing beloved cap­i­tal of vinyl in­to­junkies,our­w­ere­com­pany.so The over­whelm­ing best ex­am­ple it was is that dif­fi­cult we to have con­cen­trate just built aonb rand-any­thing new, else. three-level re­search and de­vel­op­ment And now fa­cil­ity we have very hard close drives to our that ex­ist­ing are fac­tory mea­sured in­Skan­der borg. in­ter a bytes. We It’ s have more Spot ifyth an 1,600 square pre­mium, me­tres Tidal, in­HD­size,T racks, has the L inn largest Reloud­speaker cords, B lu Sound mea­sur­ing and room high-in re s Europe, Blue­tooth. at 13 by 13, If44.1k/ by 1316- me­tres, bit isn’ t and good we’ ve enough trip led for the you num­ber there’ s of our96k/ re­search 24- bit, although and engineering un­less you staff. have We have a good also imag­i­na­tion dra­mat­i­cally you’ ll in­creased need the our right bud­gets for equip­ment re­search to and hear de­vel­op­ment, the dif­fer­ence. as And well we our mar­ket­ing have record­ing bud­gets. en­gi­neers Goer tek who firstly also pro­vided take the three fi­nance months to to de­sign get things anew right range rather of cus­tom than in­stall three days speak­ers and se­condly that will don’ t carry have theDyn au­dio to worry brand. about the How­ever, stuff be­low un­like 80 Hz all tak­ing other up­Dy­nau­diotoo loud speak­ers, much room on the the cus­tom record in­stall sur­face. driv­ers will be made Se­ri­ously, in Goer tek’ swe’ ve never fac­tory had in it bet­ter—China ... but the some­thing driv­ers them­selves I’ m re­minded were of ev­ery wholly time de­signed I pull in out Den­mark. an old record, crank up my turntable and set­tle GB: downSo it’s to been lis­ten,a great se­cure out­comein the not knowl­only for Dy­nau­dioedge that as I’m a going com­pany,to have­but to also get for up Den­mark­a­gain as in a 20 coun­try? min­utes to lift the arm, flip the record, go RH:over Yes. it with I know the Discalot Washer of peo­ple( note: were not so sure orig­i­nal about Disc the Washer, change, not but the Goer tek one pro­duced has proved that af­ter it the wants R CA to take over ), invest in brushDy­nau­diot he sty­lus inSk an-and der borg lower the and arm wants again.Dyn au­dio prod­uct store­main By 100 the per­cent way, for de­signed those who and are man­u­fac­tured in­ter­ested in I also Den­mark. have a It the­ory means about we can Diet now Coke do that things much Is pout faster when­ever than the be­fore. whole food, For ex­am­ple or­gan­the newic,dolph in-free-field lov­ing mea­sure­ment ve­g­ans glare cham­ber at me has for 31 Bruel&d rink in­gK­jaer it. mi­cro­phones I’ d be happy so to share we can it mea­sure with speak­ers you any from time. ev­ery Rod di­rec­tion Eas­dow­nat the same time.

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