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Cary Au­dio has re­leased an ‘Ul­ti­mate Up­grade’ kit for its long-run­ning SLP-05 pream­pli­fier. Although the kit can be retro­fit­ted to any SLP-05 ir­re­spec­tive of its vin­tage, first-time buy­ers can also or­der the up­grade when buy­ing a brand new SLP-05.

The ‘Ul­ti­mate Up­grade’ in­volves chang­ing both the power sup­ply of the SLP-05 and the line stage. ‘ The power sup­ply up­grade con­sists of “max­ing out” the fil­ter­ing ca­pa­bil­i­ties along the en­tire power sup­ply chain, all the way into and in­clud­ing the pream­pli­fier,’ said Ge­off Matthews, of Con­voy, which dis­trib­utes Cary Au­dio in Aus­tralia. ‘ Pu­ri­fy­ing d.c. volt­ages is ex­tremely im­por­tant to pro­vid­ing a clean, clear, smooth sound qual­ity that is free from grain, noise and stri­dent arte­facts… it also im­proves imag­ing qual­i­ties as it pro­vides a much blacker back­ground.’

The line stage cir­cuit up­grades in­clude chang­ing the plate load and cath­ode re­sis­tors with 1 per cent Vishay metal film types and re­plac­ing all the cou­pling ca­pac­i­tors through­out the en­tire line sec­tion with Mun­dorf ‘MCaps’. ‘ These parts changes im­prove the midrange and bass sub­stan­tially for a fuller, more tex­tured midrange,’ said Matthews. ‘ You will no­tice more body and tex­ture to vo­cals and acous­tic in­stru­ments, that the bass is more au­thor­i­ta­tive and tight and that the high fre­quen­cies are smoother yet de­tailed. There is body, tex­ture and full­ness to in­stru­ments that breaks through with such ease and del­i­cacy no mat­ter the com­plex­ity of the mu­sic.’ For fur­ther in­for­ma­tion, please con­tact Con­voy In­ter­na­tional on 1800 817 787 or visit the web­site at www.con­

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