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CES is big. Re­ally big. You just won’t be­lieve how vastly, hugely, mind-bog­glingly big it is. (Apolo­gies to Dou­glas Adams, who orig­i­nally wrote this to de­scribe space, in his de­served clas­sic Hitch­hiker’s Guide to the Gal­axy, but I thought of him, and Zaphod Bee­ble­brox, when I saw Bel­lus3D’s 3D scan­ner at CES 2018.) The Bel­lus3D can cre­ate a very de­tailed and ac­cu­rate 3D model of a face in only a cou­ple of min­utes... made clear by the photo in­set be­tween the 2nd and 3rd columns.

CES is the world’s largest con­sumer elec­tron­ics show by a long shot. And it’s go­ing great, thank you very much for ask­ing. CES 2018 had more floor space, more ex­hibitors, more vis­i­tors, more of ev­ery­thing, in fact… ex­cept high-end au­dio.

In the past, any au­dio jour­nal­ist vis­it­ing CES in Jan­uary could bank on spend­ing sev­eral days there in order to visit ev­ery room on at least five floors of the Vene­tian Ho­tel. This year the high-end au­dio ex­hibits were to­tally con­tained on the 29th floor, so a half-way de­cent scribe could have knocked ‘em all over in a sin­gle day. (OK, so there were a cou­ple of ex­hibitors on the 35th floor, but they’d have been easy to fin­ish off the next morn­ing.) Many of the ex­hibitors at CES didn’t have Aus­tralian distrib­u­tors, but those that did were more than happy to show off what they had that was new, and not so new...

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