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Free­dom (UNFD) From 2015’s XENO on­wards, Cross­faith have bat­tled with a bit of an iden­tity cri­sis: are they a balls-to-the-wall Me­tal­li­can thrash unit, or an En­ter Shikar­ian dancecore beast? The Ja­panese fu­sion-mosh­ers came close to find­ing their feet last year with the tight, hard­style-tinged New Age War­riors EP, but Free­dom in­stantly throws them back off with a messy string of half-baked ideas that, as much as you grow des­per­ate for them to, never quite stick. Rap verses on the first two tracks feel overtly forced and shoe­horned in—closer Di­avo­los could’ve served as their in­tem­per­ate saviour, but in­stead it’s grat­ing and sloppy and marred by a cheesy pseudo-cho­rus. Rather than con­tinue to churn records out ev­ery quar­ter, Cross­faith need to step back and re­ally ex­am­ine where their place in mu­sic is... be­cause this is not it. M.D.

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