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Tech­ni­cal Brain EX Pre and Power am­pli­fi­ca­tion (2 sets) Wadax Pre One Ul­ti­mate Phono and DAC and the Wadax At­lantis DAC Trin­ity Elec­tronic De­sign, PC drive, DAC, Phono preamp, Golden Ref­er­ence Preamp and Power Sup­ply and Trin­ity Am­pli­fier and source power fil­ter Robert Koda K15 EX pream­pli­fier JMF Univer­sal Blue-Ray Au­dio Trans­port Vert­ere Ab­so­lute Ref­er­ence RG1Turntable, RG1 Ton­earm and Stage 1 vi­bra­tion re­duc­tion sys­tem and stands Zen­sati Silen­zio, Zen­sati Seraphim and Zen­sati Zorro ca­bles and power cords, Trin­ity, Black Cat Indigo Se­ries, Vert­ere Pulse HB ca­bling and power cords. Wil­son Sasha speak­ers with So­pranino elec­tro­static on top Townsend speaker podi­ums un­der the Wil­son Sacha Evo­lu­tion Acous­tics MM2 speak­ers Van Den Hul Ex­ten­ders above speak­ers (above MM2 and Sasha) David Ast­ley Line Bal­ancers (be­spoke) with each sys­tem David Ast­ley DAC (be­spoke) Prism Sound Cal­lia DAC

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