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As this resur­gence of vinyl con­tin­ues, old records are be­ing pulled out of stor­age and put on the plat­ter only to cake up the sty­lus with years of gunk and mould. The Kir­muss KA-RCM-01 record cleaner is fast be­ing ac­cepted as an es­sen­tial ad­di­tion to any se­ri­ous vinyl col­lec­tion, and Len Wal­lis Au­dio has been ap­pointed the ex­clu­sive re­tail out­let in NSW. Ul­tra­sonic clean­ing tech­nol­ogy has proven to be one of the most ef­fec­tive forms of restor­ing a record to its best pos­si­ble per­for­mance. The Kir­muss has three strate­gi­cally lo­cated ul­tra­sonic gen­er­a­tors in the base of a large water basin, gen­er­at­ing three ul­tra­sonic waves os­cil­lat­ing at 35kHz. This cre­ates ‘cav­i­ta­tion’; mi­cro­scop­i­cally small bub­bles which burst on con­tact with the record. This col­laps­ing ac­tion dis­lodges then pushes the con­tam­i­nants away from the sur­face of the ma­te­rial be­ing cleaned.

De­signed and built in the US, this unit can clean both sides of two 33.3rpm LPs, one 78rpm and one 45rpm sin­gle at the same time. It uses no chem­i­cals other than a cap­ful of iso­propanol al­co­hol, and at $1,799 is priced well un­der most other qual­ity clean­ers.

Mark Dohmann, ar­guably the most re­spected turntable ex­pert in Aus­tralia, is the im­porter of the KA-RCM-01 and be­lieves “The Kir­muss out­per­forms other clean­ers on the mar­ket that cost three times as much, while it has fewer mov­ing parts and is sig­nif­i­cantly more re­li­able.”

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