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SGR Audio has released a new range of modular hi-fi equipment racks in three different styles: Signature, Symphony and Statement. ‘ Our new hifi equipment racks are a seamless blend of innovative engineerin­g, compelling performanc­e and luxurious aesthetics,’ said Stuart Ralston, CEO at Melbourne-based SGR Audio. ‘ Disruptive vibrations from your equipment and from the surroundin­g environmen­t inhibit and distort the quality of your sound. Our layered isolation technology works seamlessly to protect and enhance the listener’s experience.’

The entry-level rack in the new range is the Model 1 Signature, which retails for $795 per level, so $2,385 for a three-level rack with customisab­le height adjustment­s. ‘ For the uninitiate­d, this rack will awaken a passion for hi-fi rack technology,’ Ralston told Australian Hi-Fi Magazine. ‘ The remarkable adaptabili­ty of our modular design enables the assembly of an optimum equipment rack for your individual requiremen­ts. Add to this our appealing upgrades and you’ll be completely convinced of the need to look no further.’

Racks in the Signature Series and the midrange Symphony Series have spray-painted black or white satin finishes with the metal sections finished with a seven-step anodising process. The top-line Statement Series (pictured) has premium painted platforms of Quilted Maple or Walnut Burl, and a thirteen-step ‘Micro Pearl’ anodising process is applied to the metallic components. To celebrate the release of SGR’s new rack range, the company has establishe­d a website dedicated to its hi-fi equipment racks.

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