Australian HIFI - - EISA AWARDS – 2018-2019 -

Grace­land – The Remixes De­spite a fail­ure to keep the re­quired anti-apartheid dis­tance, ‘Grace­land’ did its part in bring­ing South African mu­sic and mu­si­cians into main­stream pub­lic view. The remix artists old and new here will fail to achieve any­thing sim­i­lar, with those core sounds and rhythms stripped away and re­placed for the most part by in­ter­minably dull and thumpy elec­tron­ica in mi­nor keys that jar against the ma­jor struc­tures of the orig­i­nals. Groove Ar­mada de­liv­ers a mind-numb­ingly point­less You Can Call Me Al; the mag­nif­i­cent rolling slap bass of The Boy in The Bub­ble is ditched for a strict 4/4 synth re­place­ment on Richy Ahmed’s ap­palling eight-and-a-half minute ‘remix’. Paul Oak­en­fold does best, up­dat­ing rather than de­con­struct­ing Crazy Love Vol II, and Home­less also pro­ceeds hope­fully, but then fades in­ex­pli­ca­bly af­ter a sin­gle minute! Sheesh, it’s a re­lief when it’s over.

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