Gary Bur­ton/Chick Corea (ECM Records 1024 ST)

Australian HIFI - - EISA AWARDS – 2018-2019 -

This vinyl reis­sue of a Gary Bur­ton/ Chick Corea duo record­ing is stun­ning! The su­pe­rior record­ing tech­nol­ogy is ev­i­dent in both ana­log (LP) and dig­i­tal (down­load) for­mats. The vol­ume lev­els on both the pi­ano and vi­bra­phone in­crease and de­crease with re­strained pre­ci­sion. The deft mic place­ment man­ages to cap­ture the glow of the vibes and the crisp­ness of the pi­ano. My press­ing was de­void of any sur­face noises, hisses or pops. First recorded in 1972 and pro­duced by Eicher, the ses­sion was com­pleted in a sin­gle day at Arne Bendik­sen Stu­dio (Oslo Nor­way). Ini­tially, the ex­pec­ta­tions for com­mer­cial suc­cess were un­der­whelm­ing, but the al­bum has evolved into a long-term suc­cess for ECM as well as for Bur­ton and Corea, who de­vel­oped a life­time cre­ative part­ner­ship, due to the in­nate cre­ative dy­nam­ics and com­ple­men­tary in­stru­men­tal styles. Rob­bie Ger­son

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