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Ray Charles (Atlantic/Speakers Corner)


The Genius After Hours is a quintessen­tial Ray Charles recording and Speakers Corner has done a superb job re-mastering the original mono tapes. The pure, un-manipulate­d sound is expertly mixed. The volumes on the piano are excellent and increase and decrease with seamless agility. The alto sax and trumpet are folded in quietly to achieve a mellower tone. Ray may have been the greatest American musician—ever—because his exceptiona­l musical acuity was multi-faceted. TGAH is a quasis pontaneous post-concert session that features a variety of session players, including Oscar Pettiford (double bass), David ‘Fathead’ Newman (sax), Joe Harris (drums), Joseph Bridgewate­r (trumpet) and others who revitalise tunes such as The Genius After Hours, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Dawn Ray, Joy Ride, Hornful Soul, The Man I Love, Charlesvil­le and Music, Music. The session is heralded as a relaxed meeting of “tired” performers. It’s anything but that! Robbie Gerson

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