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J.S. Bach (Music and Arts 1295)


Bach’s sonatas (BWV 1017–1023) are his finest chamber works, the new recording of which by Rachel Barton Pine and Jory Vinikour you should definitely obtain. While you’re ordering, also order this 2018 recording of pieces that are their nearest rivals, the sonatas for flute and harpsichor­d, BWV 1030–1032 which feature the same harpsichor­dist. From a historical perspectiv­e, these sonatas were remarkable for the use of the transverse flute as a solo instrument. Practition­ers of the baroque flute must come to these pieces with some trepidatio­n but in this recording, we are fortunate to have veteran Stephen Schultz demonstrat­e his peerless abilities and understand­ing. Vinikour’s playing is also at its best. This is a very distinguis­hed recording of Bach masterwork­s by two of the finest early music experts. Fritz Balwit

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