Poly­mor­Phic orkeSTrA

Con­flu­ence (Bam­boo­zle Mu­sic Bamb 012)

Australian HIFI - - EISA AWARDS – 2018-2019 -

The first vi­bra­phone notes tin­kle like wind chimes in the light­est sum­mer breeze and a shaker mim­ics an in­sect, be­fore other sounds—breath through a trum­pet, swelling cym­bals, elec­tron­ics, a chat­ter­ing snare—darken the mood. A groove emerges that only am­pli­fies the sense of por­ten­tous­ness, be­cause a Poly­mor­phic Orkestra groove is just a path­way deeper into a mood or sound­scape. Once in­side those worlds one en­coun­ters lonely, des­o­late so­los from Lee McIver (trum­pet/flugel­horn); so­los that may give way Ed Goyer’s vibes still sound­ing as though the melodies emerge from by some act of na­ture rather than hu­man en­deav­our. Mean­while per­cus­sion­ist Ed Ro­driguez of­ten uses si­lence as a de­fault, and so when the drums do en­ter they are of­ten barely en­grav­ing that si­lence. The col­lec­tive in­stinct for bal­anc­ing im­pro­vised den­sity and space is un­canny.

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