Maya 200 Power Am­pli­fier

‘The power am­pli­fier is Class-AB, us­ing a MOS­FET out­put stage. Speaker pro­tec­tion is in­ter­nal, and power sup­plies are a monobloc de­sign with two 300-watt trans­form­ers. Gain is 28.5dB, power is rated at 208-watts into 8Ω, band­width is 5Hz to 22kHz and THD is 0.058%, most of which is sec­ond har­monic.’

Oppo 105 Mul­ti­level Mu­sic Player

‘The Oppo 105 is well-known and will play any mu­sic in­clud­ing wi-fi use from the in­ter­net and from ac­ces­si­ble HDD for a large mu­sic li­brary.’

VSon­ics Trans­mis­sion-Line Speak­ers

‘The VSon­ics are a two-way, twodriver, speaker kit de­signed by Lau­rie Menogue and sold by Aspen from 2014. They use a SEAS 200mm ‘Clas­sic se­ries’ bass/midrange driver with a Peer­less 25.4mm fab­ric dome tweeter with third or­der crossover set at 2.6kHz.’

Pocket Class-A Head­phone Am­pli­fier

‘The PCA is sold by a small com­pany in Wash­ing­ton DC. The amp is por­ta­ble, fits el­e­gantly into a palm-sized con­tainer and uses two 216 9V al­ka­line bat­ter­ies which last for six hours of con­tin­u­ous use. The har­monic pro­file of this am­pli­fier sim­u­lates a tube and the sound is sec­ond har­monic dom­i­nant.’

Beyer Dy­namic DT880 Head­phones

‘These are high-im­ped­ance, high­qual­ity, easy-to-drive Ger­man head­phones noted for their flat re­sponse and ex­cel­lent com­fort.’

Kaplan Speaker Ca­bles

‘Made in Brook­lyn, NY, these are out­stand­ing stiff speaker ca­bles. They are ter­mi­nated with ba­nana plugs.’

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