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PS Au­dio P20 Power PlAnT

The im­por­tance of the qual­ity of the power be­ing de­liv­ered to your sys­tem has been well doc­u­mented dur­ing the last decade. How­ever, we have still been some­what sur­prised by the pop­u­lar­ity of PS Au­dio’s new of­fer­ing, the $14,995 Direc­tStream P20 Power Plant.

This is sub­stan­tial prod­uct, weigh­ing in at 44kg. It is also the most pow­er­ful AC re­gen­er­a­tor that PS Au­dio has ever built, sup­ply­ing 2,000 watts of re­gen­er­ated power, with peak de­mands of 3,600 watts – enough power for an en­tire sys­tem. This unit has 13 out­let sock­ets, and is a com­pletely new de­sign, not sim­ply a larger ver­sion of their ex­ist­ing P10.

In a bold claim PS Au­dio state that the ef­fect of in­stalling a P20 is the same as hav­ing less than 20 me­tres of 12-gauge wire con­nected di­rectly to the lo­cal city power source. A gutsy claim maybe, but the re­sults are ob­vi­ous – im­proved dy­nam­ics, bet­ter (both lower and more de­fined) bass, and much more ‘air’ around the mu­sic and in­stru­ments.

Rafe Arnott, writ­ing for Part Time Au­dio­phile, sums it up pretty well in his re­view, de­scrib­ing first the PS10 ex­pe­ri­ence, then the PS20: “Tone, and tim­bre of in­stru­ments are spot-on, with wood-bod­ied ones in par­tic­u­lar in posses­sion of the proper scale, weight, and res­o­nance that I as­so­ciate with real acous­tic gui­tars... Opt­ing in to the P20, the al­ready big, hip-shak­ing bot­tom end seems to swell in size, and weight, with a deeper tonal shad­ing now com­ing through. Vo­cals take on a sweep­ing, more ex­pan­sive qual­ity to the air vol­ume sur­round­ing the phys­i­cal ar­range­ment of singers... This was a sce­nario that con­tin­ued to play out ev­ery time I lis­tened to a track off Tidal, closed the lid on a CD, or dropped the nee­dle on an LP: ev­ery­thing that was pulling me deeper into the lis­ten­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, into the mean­ing of the artist’s in­tent through the recorded medium – be it dig­i­tal or ana­log – was en­hanced through the P20. If the P10 was help­ing sink me into the depths of the song, the P20 was like throw­ing an an­chor and chain around my legs as I sank down. It seems that with this lat­est (and largest) ad­di­tion... PS Au­dio has taken ev­ery­thing I’ve come to ex­pect and ap­pre­ci­ate from the P10, and im­proved upon it whole­sale.”

Thor PS10

The Thor PS10 Power Sta­tion has just had an up­grade. The PS10 is the most suc­cess­ful hi-end power con­di­tioner we have ever car­ried, be­ing an au­to­matic in­clu­sion with many of our higher qual­ity in­stal­la­tions for many years. Not only does it fil­ter the in­com­ing power, it also pro­tects against spikes, light­ning strikes etc. It has a re­ac­tion time of 1 nanosec­ond (0.000000001 of a sec­ond), and comes with an up-to-$500K con­nected equip­ment war­ranty should it fail.

It also pro­tects more than just 240V at­tached com­po­nents (with 8 pro­tected sock­ets in to­tal), hav­ing sep­a­rate sock­ets for aerial, net­work and pay TV pro­tec­tion. Plus it comes with a six-year re­place­ment war­ranty.

How­ever the ad­van­tages of the PS10 are far greater than fil­tra­tion and pro­tec­tion. The PS10 also of­fers volt­age sta­bil­i­sa­tion. Ir­re­spec­tive of the in­com­ing volt­age, which can vary con­sid­er­ably, the PS10 will out­put a con­stant volt­age. This can be 240V or 220V (se­lectable) de­pend­ing on your equip­ment.

I re­call an au­dio­phile friend who said that when­ever the power de­liv­ery to his house was dirty or well off the 240V mark, his sys­tem suf­fered son­i­cally to the ex­tent that he would turn it off un­til things got bet­ter. An ex­treme re­ac­tion, I ad­mit, but it does high­light the value be­hind prod­ucts such as the Thor PS10, and the PS Au­dio P20.

The PS10 sells for $1,995.

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