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The newly released Dynaudio Evoke 10 is a com­pact two-way book­shelf/stand­mount de­sign that’s the small­est in Dynaudio’s new Evoke range of loud­speak­ers. The bass/midrange driver in the Dynaudio 10 is a 140mm di­am­e­ter sin­gle-piece mag­ne­sium sil­i­cate poly­mer (MSP) cone driven by an alu­minium voice-coil and a stron­tium car­bon­ate fer­rite and ce­ramic mag­net. This crosses at 1.4kHz, via a sec­ond-or­der net­work, to Dynaudio’s new 28mm Cero­tar soft-dome tweeter. This new tweeter is based on the tweeter Dynaudio de­vel­oped for its Spe­cial 40 an­niver­sary speak­ers, but whereas the tweeter in the Spe­cial 40 uses a neodymium mag­net, the new Cero­tar tweeter uses a stron­tium car­bon­ate fer­rite and ce­ramic mag­net. The new tweeter has an in­ner dome be­hind the fab­ric dome, which is in­tended to im­prove air-flow that Dynaudio calls a ‘Hexis’ and it was first used on the Eso­tar3 tweeter used in Dynaudio’s Con­fi­dence range. Dynaudio rates the Evoke 10 loud­speak­ers with a fre­quency re­sponse of 47Hz–23kHz (±3dB) a sen­si­tiv­ity of 84dBSPL (2.83V/1m) and a nom­i­nal im­ped­ance of 6Ω. The cross­over is at 1.4kHz and uses 2nd-or­der slopes.

‘ We spent a lot of time lis­ten­ing to the tweeter,’ said Alex Newman, one of the acous­tic de­sign­ers on the Evoke range. ‘ At first, there was some­thing bug­ging me when they started do­ing tun­ing and test­ing, which, af­ter much work, we dis­cov­ered was be­cause we didn’t have ab­sorp­tion ma­te­rial be­hind the Hexis. If you don’t have any in there, you get some res­o­nance. So we sim­ply added a small amount of ab­sorp­tion ma­te­rial and that’s what made the dif­fer­ence be­tween “no, it isn’t right yet”, and “shut up and take my money”. ‘How many ver­sions did it take to get it right?’ we asked. ‘ I don’t even re­mem­ber…’ said Newman, ‘ and I don’t re­ally want to!’ Dis­trib­uted in Aus­tralia by BusiSoft, the Dynaudio Evoke 10 is avail­able now in Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Wal­nut Wood and Blonde Wood fin­ishes, and sells for $2,399 per pair (RRP).

For more in­for­ma­tion, con­tact BusiSoft AV on 1300 888 602 or (03) 9810 2900 or at www.busisoft.com.au

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