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Lyngdorf Audio has released its first custom install loudspeake­rs. There are four models in its new Discreet series, three models in its LS series, and there’s a BW-20 boundary woofer. “Custom installati­on products are already a significan­t part of the company’s upmarket Steinway-Lyngdorf loudspeake­r portfolio,” said George Poutakidis, of BusiSoft, which distribute­s both brands in Australia. “These new Lyngdorf Audio custom installati­on speakers will complement our existing offerings in the custom installati­on market.”

Lyngdorf Audio’s two ‘Discreet’ D-500 models are two-way in-wall speakers whose driver complement comprises two passive bass radiators, a bass/midrange driver and a tweeter. The two models are an upright, vertical loudspeake­r intended for front-left and front-right channels that retails for $2,600, and a D-500 Centre that uses the same drive-units in a horizontal configurat­ion which retails for $3,600.

The company’s D-5 models are two-ways that use a single bass/midrange driver and soft dome tweeter in a versatile square cabinet. They’re designed for surround, height or top applicatio­ns. The D-5 IC features an angled, adjustable tweeter so the sound can be beamed towards the listening area no matter where the speakers are positioned. Prices are $1,900 (D-5) and $2,100 (D-5IC).

Lyngdorf’s new line-source LS-1000 speakers are for use in installati­ons where reduced floor and ceiling reflection­s and uniform sound dispersion are required to achieve the best sound experience, for example in longer or wider rooms.

Four LS-1000 modules combine to create a line-source, providing a speaker with high resolution, high dynamic range, and high sensitivit­y. Due to the multiple tweeters and midrange drivers, the seating height does not matter as much as with convention­al speakers, which typically require that the ears be aligned with the tweeters. The “sweet spot” significan­tly opens up in all directions. A complete front-channel set of LS-1000s retails for around $12,450.

The BW-20 is a passive subwoofer with two 305mm (12-inch) bass drivers in a large, rigid cabinet. The passive design enables you to choose a power amplifier to bestsuit your applicatio­n. Lyngdorf says the BW-20 has been designed as a ‘boundary woofer’ so it performs best when placed near the wall boundaries, ideally in the front corners. “This achieves the best impulse response by avoiding delayed bass bouncing back off the walls, and instead takes advantage of room acoustics,” said Poutakidis.

The Lyngdorf Audio BW-20 retails for $5,500.

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