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Technics has released a new pair of speakers in its ‘Premium C600’ Series, the SB-C600 bookshelf speakers. “The SA-C600 loudspeake­rs fill a gap in our portfolio between our all-in-one compact speaker systems, such as the C70Mk2, and our true separate component systems, such as the C700 and the G700M2 systems,” says Aaron Waters, of Panasonic Australia, which distribute­s Technics in Australia “Despite their small size, the Technics SB-C600s can re-create a spacious, concert hall impression in the home, revealing every detail with vibrancy, power, and a large soundstage.”

The SB-C600 is a two-way, two-driver system, but the drivers are mounted coaxially, with the 25mm dome tweeter at the centre of a 150mm diameter cone type driver where the dustcap would normally be. Crossover frequency between the two drivers is nominally 2kHz and system efficiency is rated by Technics as 83dBSPL at one metre for 2.83V. The nominal impedance is rated as 4 . The cabinets measure 173×293×283mm (HWD).

Also new to the C600 Premium Series is the Technics SA-C600 CD Receiver, which incorporat­es both a top-loading CD drive, digital and analogue inputs — including a phono stage — and a two-channel Class-D amplifier rated with an output of 30-watts per channel into 8 . It has Airplay 2 and Chromecast built in to enable multiroom capabiliti­es and access to streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer and Amazon Music, plus it also has an onboard DAB/FM tuner, to complement its capability to play Internet Radio. “This elegant CD receiver delivers superior audio, along with design aesthetics that ensure harmonious matching with other Technics offerings,” says Waters.

Available now, the Technics SA-C600 CD receiver retails for $1,749 (RRP), which is also the exact same retail price being asked for the Technics SB-C600 loudspeake­rs.

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