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Kalista is the brand name for high-end products created by French manufactur­er Métronome Technologi­e. The DreamPlay X is the company’s first SACD player but it’s also the first ‘4-in-one’ from Kalista, because it’s also a streamer, a DAC and a digital pre-amplifier.

“Kalista fans have been requesting we build either an SACD transport or an SACD player for a long time,” said company president and lead designer Jean Marie Clauzel. “So here it is, immediatel­y recognisab­le by its shape, even if there are no parts in common with the other products of the DreamPlay range. The legendary mix of materials is still there, aluminium for the chassis, stainless steel for the feet, the methacryla­te transparen­cy for the top, and a brand new round touch-screen.”

“What’s more, it’s not a simple SACD Transport, it is also a Streamer and Network Player (up to DSD256), adding in addition a resampling functional­ity,” he added. “The integrated version, DreamPlay XC, has a DSD D/A Converter inside and Leedh Processing’s famous digital volume control.” Both new models are available in what Kalista calls ‘Diamond’ (silver) and Black Pearl (black) finishes.

“The arrival of the DreamPlay X is proof positive that Métronome Technologi­e and Kalista are amongst the major leaders in the field,” said Nigel Ng, of Advance Audio, which distribute­s both brands in Australia. “And although the company has produced several new products in recent past years, such as the DreamPlay Stream and the Twenty-Twenty turntable, Jean Marie Clauzel does not create products like these very often, so the fact that he has done so now is wonderful news, not least because there are no comparable devices available to consumers.”

Available now, the DreamPlay X sells for $99,995 (RRP) and the DreamPlay XC for $109,995 (RRP).

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