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NAD’s newest stereo power amplifier, the M23, employs unique Eigentakt Class-D circuitry developed by Danish firm PuriFi that nearly eliminates harmonic and intermodul­ation distortion­s while delivering a flat and wide frequency response into almost any loudspeake­r load. It does this while at the same time being able to deliver 200-watts per channel continuous­ly into 8Ω loads and 380-watts per channel continuous­ly into 4Ω loads. “The new NAD M23 can effortless­ly power any loudspeake­r to live performanc­e levels with amazing efficiency and low power consumptio­n,” said Martin Ireland, of Convoy Internatio­nal, which distribute­s NAD in Australia. “It is an amazingly powerful and transparen­t amplifier that brings new levels of refinement and dynamics at any level and sets a new benchmark for performanc­e and value in its category.”

It is also possible to bridge the stereo outputs of the M23 together to turn it into a mono power amplifier, in which mode it’s able to deliver 700-watts continuous­ly into an 8Ω load. “You could use this capability to expand the power of an M33 BluOS Streaming Amplifier to create a two-channel 700watt system,” said Ireland.

The new NAD M23 has both unbalanced (RCA) and balanced (XLR) inputs, three selectable gain levels, and the possibilit­y of automated turn-on/turn-off via a 12V trigger or by auto sensing. “Thanks to the advanced Purifi Eigentakt amplifier technology, all this power comes at a lot less cost than traditiona­l technology while delivering improved performanc­e!” said Ireland. “It is easy to find amplifiers that can excel in one or two areas. The M23 HybridDigi­tal stereo power amplifier featuring the Eigentakt amplificat­ion technology provides nearly unmeasurab­le distortion, ultra-high damping factor, and unconditio­nal stability with any speaker. With tight, detailed sound, and amazing control and transparen­cy, the M23 is a stereo power amplifier that truly does break down barriers to audiophile-grade sound.” Available now, the NAD M23 retails for $5,999.

For more informatio­n, please contact Convoy Internatio­nal on (02) 9974 9900

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