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Yamaha used World Hearing Day (March 3) to launch its latest TW-E5B true wireless earbuds, which have Yamaha’s exclusive ‘listening care’ technology built in which it says “provides intelligen­t equalizati­on at any volume to support a safe music listening environmen­t.” One key to the high performanc­e of the Yamaha W-E5Bs is that the 7mm driver unit and nozzle are placed on the same axis as the sound conduit, which improves midrange and high frequency performanc­e. To improve low frequencie­s, Yamaha has ported the back chamber to control the back pressure generated from the driver. “This maximizes the use of air inside the earbuds and leads to the reproducti­on of a rich low range with a three-dimensiona­l feel,” says Dale Moore, of Yamaha Australia, “which complement­s the clear and very real vocal and musical instrument sound, so these new earphones bring listeners closer to the artist.”

The housing design has an ‘edge’ to fit the ear canal for greater comfort and superior fit, which is enhanced because the earbuds have an oval shape so users can rotate the earbuds for best fit, in addition to using the best-fitting of the four sizes of ear-tips that are provided.

As for how Yamaha’s ‘Listening Care’ circuit works, it compensate­s for the fact that due to the nature of human hearing we often feel there is a lack of high and low frequencie­s at low volume levels, so it’s tempting to increase the volume, but doing so can increase the risk of hearing loss. “Our ‘Listening Care’ circuitry balances the difficult-to-hear high and low frequencie­s so that the original balance of the music is maintained, which allows you to enjoy your music even at a lower volume without having to turn up the volume excessivel­y,” said Yoshi Tsugawa, of Yamaha Corporatio­n Japan. The Yamaha TW-E5Bs also have high-performanc­e MEMS microphone­s in both earbuds dedicated to phone calls which separate the incoming voice from other noises during sound capture, plus they also have Qualcomm’s ‘cVc’ (Clear Voice Capture) technology so your voice can be heard more clearly by whoever’s at the other end of the call. The microphone­s also enable an ‘Ambient Sound’ mode for use when it’s preferable to be aware of your surroundin­gs for safety reasons. IPX5 water and sweat resistant, the Yamaha TW-E5Bs have up to 30 hours of battery life with an enhanced charging case that has an easy-read battery life indicator. Fully compatible with all voice assistants and available now in four different colours, the Yamaha TW-E5Bs sell for $199 (RRP).

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