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The Titan 505 is the smallest, most affordable model in Kudos Audio’s flagship Titan Series, which is headed-up by the Titan 808, and followed by the 707 and the 606. “The Titan 505 is a stand-mount model designed to deliver stunning, top-of-the-range performanc­e to a wider reach of spaces and budgets,” said Aleksandar Maksimovic whose company, Audio Magic, was responsibl­e for introducin­g this British-designed and British-manufactur­ed brand to Australia.

All four models in the Titan Series use drivers that their designer, Derek Gilligan, says “were crafted exclusivel­y for Kudos Audio by renowned Norwegian speaker specialist SEAS.”

The tweeter in all models is exactly the same — the ‘K3’ — a design that Gilligan says is based on SEAS’s legendary 29mm ‘Crescendo’ K2 fabric dome tweeter.

“An exclusive Kudos–SEAS collaborat­ion, the K3 has undergone significan­t further developmen­t to precisely tailor its capabiliti­es for the Kudos Titans,” said Gilligan. “Enhanced features include an improved magnet system with copper shorting rings, a completely new resonance chamber and a new face-plate profile, all engineered to deliver an even sharper, more dynamic and musically detailed performanc­e.”

The Kudos Audio 505 is a two-way design, using twin mid-bass drivers that have high quality double-coated hard paper cones and, in common with the larger Titan floor-standing models, the 505 is an isobaric design, where one of the two mid-bass drivers is positioned internally back-to-back with the first. “The result is significan­tly improved midrange clarity and bass response, as well as a reduction of bass distortion,” says Gilligan, who added “although Kudos’ trademark minimalist, low order crossover is also, of course, a key design feature.”

The crossover in the Titan 505 is designed in such a way that it can be bypassed by users wishing to use amplificat­ion such as Linn Exakt or Devialet Expert. “Running the design actively in this way turns the loudspeake­r into an intelligen­t, connected component and enables a range of performanc­e-enhancing and personalis­ation capabiliti­es,” says Gilligan.

Although they come without stands, Gilligan designed a dedicated, seven pillar stand specifical­ly for use with the Titan 505s. Six of the stand’s seven pillars can filled with the listener’s choice of material to dampen resonances and improve stability.

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