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Classic speakers are most definitely a trend in the hi-fi world right now, with the JBL Classic range and Wharfedale Linton having already deftly demonstrat­ed how old designs and new technologi­es can combine to make not only visually gorgeous but also sonically class-leading speakers in today’s market. And now here comes Fyne Audio with possibly the biggest range of retro-inspired speakers to date. Fyne Audio told me it had been under some pressure to make a ‘retro-modern’ speaker for years but wanted to wait until it felt it could really have a good go at producing modern-day technology and associated performanc­e alongside the nostalgic aesthetic. Well, now’s that time.

The Scottish company showed off four Vintage speakers at the High End Munich show, with three more models said to be on the way, so there should be something for everyone — everyone who is fond of wooden finishes, that is. Fyne Audio has divided its old-school range into Vintage and Vintage Classic. The latter is somewhat more affordable and uses MDF in the constructi­on alongside a real walnut wood veneer and a black baffle, employing the traditiona­l square cabinetry — wider than it is deep! — to emulate the speakers of the 60s and 70s that emerged from the crossover between pro audio and home hi-fi.

The more expensive, hand-built and hand-finished Vintage speakers, meanwhile, are real wood throughout, constructe­d from sustainabl­e birch plywood and crafted into twin-cavity enclosures mathematic­ally curved to reduce internal standing waves. Both ranges facilitate familiar Fyne proprietar­y technology — the IsoFlare drivers (from 8in to 15in), the FyneFlute surround design and BassTrax ports. And the Vintage models add “deep cryogenica­lly treated” crossovers into the mix too. Their sound can even be tuned to your room with the front-mounted analogue Presence control dial, which has been engineered to deliver subtle adjustment to the sound, and a further analogue dial for HF Energy mounted on the rear panel.

The Vintage (Ten, Twelve and Fifteen) and Vintage Classic (Classic X and Classic XII) models are expected to arrive in stores from September onward, when pricing will also be announced.

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