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Readers interested in a full technical appraisal of the performanc­e of the Rossini Apex CD player/streamer should continue on and read the LABORATORY REPORT published on the following pages. Readers should note that the results mentioned in the report, tabulated in performanc­e charts and/or displayed using graphsand/orphotogra­phsshouldb­econstrued as applying only to the specific sample tested.

Newport Test Labs used standard ‘Red Book’ 16-bit/44.1kHz test signals to assess the performanc­e of the Rossini Apex CD player/streamer, primarily because music at this digital quality is the most likely to be replayed by consumers using it. But for those of you who are using higherreso­lution digital signals, look forward to even better performanc­e than the superb performanc­e reported here.

Graph 1 shows distortion for a 1kHz signal at 0dBFS, and the first thing that’s obvious is that the noise floor is 140dB down right across the audio spectrum. There appears to be a tiny bit of noise at the mains frequency (50Hz), but no harmonics. Excellent performanc­e. Also excellent is the lack of harmonic distortion present. The second harmonic at 2kHz is 118dB down (0.00012%), the third at 3kHz is 103dB down (0.0007%), the fourth at 4kHz is 130dB down (0.00003%) and the fifth is 124dB down (0.00006%). It’s vanishingl­y low distortion that would not even be remotely audible.

Tested using the same test frequency, but at a level of –6dB, performanc­e improves even further, as you can see, with the second harmonic coming in at –128dB (0.00003%), the third harmonic at –109dB (0.00035%). The fourth harmonic (if there is one!) is buried in the noise floor down at –140dB, while the fifth is now at –132dB (0.00002%). Again, none of these distortion components would be audible at all. The dCS Rossini Apex CD delivers a super-clean analogue reconstruc­tion from a digital signal.

At a level of –10dBFS, the noise floor becomes a little lumpier, showing an increase in background noise, but it’s

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