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This is a new company but is headed up by people with plenty of industry experience, with the founder having spent many years with Dynaudio and Focal. At this stage the range is miniscule, comprising of two pair of speakers along with their matching stands.

It is hard not to like these speakers – their performanc­e is exemplary. But it is their philosophy which also deserves attention. All speaker manufactur­ers are influenced by external forces, one of the main ones currently being their ability to integrate into modern lifestyle environmen­ts. It is obvious with many speakers that the design came first, and that it is then a case of getting the best performanc­e out of a speaker of this design. This approach is understand­able – your speakers are going to be part of your living environmen­t for many years to come.

The Revival Audio approach was to design the best sounding speaker that they could, and then turn the result into a work of art. They were so intent on this approach that they did not even use off-the-shelf speaker drivers, which is the usual procedure for many manufactur­ers, but started by designing the drivers themselves. Coincident­ly the form factor that they finished with is reminiscen­t of many speakers designs of yesteryear – very traditiona­l in their appearance. Revival Audio found that if you are designing a speaker where performanc­e is the primary considerat­ion, this is what they will look like.

It was obviously a wise move – Revival Audio speakers, hand-built in France, have quickly gathered a wide and passionate following, along with rave reviews. The two models, priced at $4k and $8k a pair, should be on everyone’s audition list.

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