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Want to simply and a ordably add network streaming without taking anything away from your existing hi-fi system? Audio Pro has unveiled the latest version of its audio streamer, designed to add wireless connectivi­ty to traditiona­l hi-fi systems in a straightfo­rward, cost-e ective manner.

A refreshed version of the Link1, the fittingly named Link2 has been designed to help bridge the gap between the traditiona­l and more modern audio components in your home. So long as there's access to Wi-Fi, it can bless any system with AirPlay 2 and Google Cast, and Audio Pro’s own streaming platform integratio­n means the Link2 can also integrate into a wider Audio Pro multi-room setup within a home.

The Link2 has more connectivi­ty options than its predecesso­r, including RCA line-level inputs and outputs, coaxial and optical outputs, Ethernet for wired network, USB for access to an external hard drive, and of course wireless streaming via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

As with all Audio Pro speakers, the top panel sports preset buttons to give users quick access to their favourite, say, radio stations or playlists.

Explaining the concept of the Link2, Jens Henriksen at Audio Pro says: “In a time when increasing focus is placed on extending the life of everything you buy with the aim of not burdeningt­he environmen­t more than necessary, Link2 really feels like the right product... you can reuse your old stereo instead of throwing it away.”

The Link2 is available now for $385 and sits alongside the original Link1, which costs $150 and is a smaller, ashtray-shaped streamer.

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