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Devialet’s portable Phantom

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Devialet has unveiled its first-ever portable speaker and it looks exactly how one who is familiar with the French brand might expect it to. The Devialet Mania has a suitably luxurious design in tune with that of the company’s famous Phantom speaker, promising ‘adaptive 360-degree stereo sound’. In fact, Devialet describes the design as “an ode to the Phantom”, hence the spherical, polished ring surrounded by a luxe woven fabric.

The bowling ball-sized, 2.3kg-heavy Mania packs a condensed version of the French firm’s proprietar­y audio technology, which here sees four full-range drivers working with two subwoofers in a ‘push’ configurat­ion. They promise to cover an impressive­ly wide frequency range between 30Hz and 20,000Hz.

Active Stereo Calibratio­n, meanwhile, uses four microphone­s to adapt the Devialet Mania’s sound to its surroundin­gs. Place the Mania in the centre of a room, for example, and the 360-degree stereo mode is automatica­lly activated. Place it against a wall and the two full-range rear drivers up the ante to deliver a more expansive soundstage.

Battery life is a claimed 10 hours, which is by no means class-leading but perhaps not hugely surprising considerin­g the processing going on under the hood. The Devialet Mania has IPX4-rated splash-resistance and a carry handle, which might tempt owners to take it with them outside or in the bathroom. Or not... considerin­g it is $1,400!

Built-in Amazon Alexa voice control and an app mean you don’t even have to get any grubby mitts on the Mania if you don’t want to, though those who prefer a tactile experience have capacitive touch controls at their disposal. Music over wi-fi, Bluetooth 5.0, AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect are all possible.

The Devialet Mania comes in standard black and grey finishes, though if they aren't bling enough for you there is also a Paris Opéra edition, which is embellishe­d with 24-carat moongold (gold that has a ‘uniquely rich’ tone, apparently) and costs an extra $300 ($1,700). The optional docking station for charging will set you back a further $140 too.

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