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MartinLoga­n has come out of the gates this year with not one but two new speaker ranges, both of which look to further the legacy of the US brand's 13-year-old Motion series. First up is the fourth generation of the Motion range since the very first Motion models were introduced in 2010. The new series comprises five models — two floorstand­ers, one bookshelf, one centre channel and a dedicated surround module. And then there’s an allnew, more premium and also-AV-friendly Motion XT range that too o©ers two floorstand­ers, one bookshelf and one centre speaker but forgoes the surround. You can see every model across the two new ranges above.

MartinLoga­n says the Motion series has been “completely reimagined”, with a sleek new design and advanced audio innovation­s exclusive to the company. Firstly, they feature an upgraded version of the company's thinfilm tweeter (o«cially called ‘Gen2 Obsidian Folded Motion Tweeters’), complete with larger magnet structures for higher, less-distorted output and an improved waveguide. The Motion XT models benefit from a more advanced variant that the company says delivers “the most e©ortless and detailed sound in the Motion range”.

As for the mid/bass drivers, the Motion models now use woven fibreglass woofers — the same material used in MartinLoga­n’s wall and ceiling CI speakers — while the Motion XT speakers boast Kevlar cones. The chosen crossover for all of the Motions is a new ‘McCracken-Vojtko’ design, which is an upgrade on the Vojtko crossover found in its previous Motion models.

This really does appear to be a tweeter-to-spike overhaul, too, with the Motion floorstand­ers featuring new fully adjustable, toolless feet designed to dampen vibration and speed up set-up.

The MartinLoga­n Motion and Motion XT ranges will be available on our shores from April, with pricing as follows:

Motion Series

F20 floorstand­ers: $6,999

F10 floorstand­ers: $4,999

B10 bookshelf: $2,599

C10 centre channel: $1,799 MP10 surround module: $1,899

Motion XT Series

F200 floorstand­ers: $9,999 F100 floorstand­ers: $8,499 B100 bookshelf: $2,699 C100 centre channel: $3,299

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